That last post really didn't contain a whole lot of info, so read on if you'd like a more detailed narrative.

Saturday was a marathon day for me.  I got into the garage around 9:30 in the morning and worked non-stop until around 5:00 when the bike ran for the first time.  I finished installing all of the motor mounts and tie bars, installed the exhaust, aircleaner, gas tank, body work, and on and on.  My heart was absolutely racing before I tapped that starter button for the first time.

The bike sounded very good and started very easily given all of the new parts and not having been run in months otherwise.  The throttle was a little "off", but that was expected since I had removed and replaced the throttle position sensor when I was cleaning the throttle body, so a TPS reset and adjusting the static timing (since the cam sensor had to come out to upgrade the oil pump drive gear) where on the to-do list.

After a little birthday celebration for my buddy Rick, I got home and worked on getting ECM Spy up an running.  I've had the software forever, but never actually used it so there was a little bit of a learning curve, but I eventually got everything up and going perfectly.  TPS was reset without a trip to dealer and the static timing was set without having to dig into the ECM and use a multimeter.  Awesome.  It was not sometime after midnight, so I packed it up and called it a night.

Yesterday was more work.  A quick trip to the hardware store yeilded some materials to make a new bracket to stabilize the airbox since the new isolator mount is missing the arm for that.  I used some aluminum tubing, shaped it by hand with a hammer and tied into the tie bar mount on the engine mount.  Doesn't look show quality, but it's good enough and does the job well.  I also got some self-tappers to put the outer timing cover back on.

Everything is officially completely done on the bike and it's ready to hit the road.  Of course that can only mean one thing - the temperature has plummeted.
3/26/2012 08:22:06 am

Self tappers Mark wont they just vibrate out?

3/27/2012 01:55:11 am

They're awful snug in there, but I'll keep an eye on them. A little blue loctite should fix them up if need be.


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