Been putting in mucho hours on the S3T recently, trying like hell to get it all done as soon as possible and enjoy this incredible weather we're having.  I'm really kicking myself that this is my only bike right now...
In any event, progress has been slower than I'd like, but steady none-the-less.  A few nights ago my intent was to have the cylinders and pistons installed, but the base gaskets turned out to be stuck on better than those boogers under your desk and I was only able to clean one off, though I did manage to gap and install all of the rings on the pistons.

The next night I got to where I wanted to be the night before, finished the base gasket-ectomy and installed the pistons and cylinders on the bottom end.  Those snap rings for the piston pins aren't so bad once you get the hang of it, though having a third hand might have helped some.

Which bring us to last night.  There was a lot of work for the sake of work (ok, ok, and to make sure I don't blow the engine to bits when I start it).  On the agenda was measing the valve-to-piston clearance and the squish band clearance (yes, "squish" is a real technical term, no joke).  This involves slapping a bunch of clay and soft metal on the piston top and pretty much assembling the entire top end, rotating the engine and then taking it all apart and seeing if you broke anything.  It's a lot of work, but I feel better knowing that everything is as it should be considering I was little worried the slightly-off markings on the cam gears had me worried that the cam timing wasn't spot on. 

After wiping the pistons clean, I got both heads installed and the entire rocker assembly done on the front head.  Turns out my gasket kit was missing a gasket so the rear cylinder can't go any further until I get a replacement.  The work went easy for the most part, the only hardship was getting the pushrod tube base gaskets to sit nice, but once I cleaned the oil off of everything they behaved.

I'm crossing my fingers that I can have this things done by the weekend.  Here's to hope and change.

3/22/2012 05:46:32 am

I understood every word of that ;)

3/22/2012 06:55:27 am

work FASTER :)


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