Well, that didn't take long.

After a week of "sleeping on it" after my test ride on a 2011 Sprint GT, I decided that I wanted to buy one.  Swung into the local dealer where I had my test ride and made an admittedly long-shot offer that I knew they wouldn't take.  They've been great so far, but we weren't able to come together on a price.  They were just trying to get too much for their 700-mile demo model, even if it were a new bike with no miles.

So, I started poking around and found a 0-mile example in Canton, OH for a song.  Now, when I say a song, I mean it.  These bikes have been sales dogs, and any dealer who is even remotely serious about opening up their floor space and selling one is doing so at a deep discount and likely for a loss.  I ended up paying roughly 20% less than MSRP for the bike.

The catch?  For those paying attention, I mentioned the bike was in Canton, OH.  I don't live in Canton, OH.  In fact, I live about 500 miles east.  That presents a problem.

Have I mentioned I have friend his own plane?  Let's just say we're shaping up to have a very interesing ride report!
4/23/2012 05:37:03 am

I see no problem I got my 1125r from grand rapids hd. I fedxed my gear to the dealer got the salesman to pick me up at the airport and took the long way home allong the great lakes. I met up with the guys and girls from NJBO in upstate ny for my first ride with them


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