I'm trying not to go more than a day or two without a blog post or at least adding some content to the site, so with that in mind I have three, yes three, bits of news for you guys.

A) I finally (has it been long enough to say "finally"?) purchased my own domain name.  This site now lives at www.allseasonrider.com , so update your RSS feeds, favorites or whatever.  If you're too lazy to do either of these things, don't fret - if you try to access the old website, it will automatically forward you here. Expect a nice and tidy new contact email address as well, something along the lines of yourmom@allseasonrider.com.

2) Content-wise, I've a little something to keep you busy looking through some of my old track day photos. I haven't had the ability to do a track day in quite a while but the photos are good none-the-less.

B) I had my meeting today with the owner of a local riding school to discuss being brought on as an MSF Rider Coach.  The trek to get this certification will be long but I think rewarding.  The next step is to audit a class to be sure I like it and then I can start an internship to work towards my certification.  As expected, I'll make updates here as to my progress for those that give a rat's.

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