Alright, folks, you're getting TWO posts today!  I know, I can't believe the luck, either.

The reason for this is an incredible new product I just caught wind of (I admit I'm a little behind the times...).  The product is from Ross Nanotechnologies and it is a superhydrophobic coating - and if you can believe  it, I didn't make that word up.  The product is being called "NeverWet".  Rather than try to explain what it means and it can do, let's have this video do the hard work for me:
As you can see, if this stuff lives up to the hype, we're looking at something that will revolutionize nearly every industry I can think of - I'll let your imagination run wild with ways it can prevent corrosion, icing, staining, and more on just about any surface, it seems.

But what we're always interested in is the possible (probable?) motorcycle applications.  Think of a bike that never gets dirty or muddy, or that can be cleaned to a shine with just water and requires no dry time.  Raw aluminum will never corrode or need to be polished on a regular basis.

Even better, think of the gear applications.  ANYTHING with a waterproof zipper can be essentially waterproof - soft bags, jackets (leather or textile), boots, etc.  Spray some on your helmet visor to keep it from fogging up and to keep road mist from limiting your visibility.  The possibilities here are just endless and I'm looking forward to what comes of this.  Check more videos of NeverWet in action.

They say that NeverWet should be available to consumers early this year.

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