Ever since I've started riding on the street, I've managed to log right around 5,000 miles per year, always wishing I could do more.  In 2010 I managed over 8,000, but this was mostly due to a huge road trip that made up about half of that.  Last year, I don't think I did more than 3,000 miles - abysmal, really.

I can't be blamed too much, a lot has changed.  In my first few years of riding, I was living in one place, going to school 20 minutes away in one direction and working 20 minutes away in another.  It wasn't hard to log 50 miles or more a day just getting around.  I was also riding with Aneglo a LOT and at the time he was living 45 miles away, so tack on another 90 miles almost every weekend plus whatever ride of varying length we went on.

As time went on, I finished up school and moved increasingly closer to where I worked.  I'm now only 1.5 miles door to door from my garage to my office, so commuting is not realistic.  Angelo and I also were riding together less and less as we both went through some life changes and he moved much closer, meaning even when we did ride together the trip to get there was greatly reduced.  We also stopped doing Americade a few years back, which while never earning me thousands and thousands of miles was still a marathon week of riding.  Couple the fact that I bought a house and spent many days doing yard work when I'd rather be riding, and the miles just vanish into thin air.

This year, I fully intend to ride the damned wheels off my bike.

I've done some arithmatic (watch out) and I think this year will be a good one for me and motorcycling.  Here are some stats:

I'd like to do another road trip which would take me 2 weeks out and back to the border area between Oregon and Idaho for something around 6,000 miles round trip.

Angelo and I will be doing Americade this year for the full week.  Being that I'm not staying in the Lake George region overnight, I'll get around 600-700 miles in commuting alone.  Figure in a couple days of riding around the Adirondacks and Vermont, quick trips for food and such and that figure will easily top the 1,000 mile mark.

I've already set wheels in motion to become an MSF Rider Coach this year.  I fully intend to ride to all events and classes, rain or shine.  With the range being 55 miles from me and expecting to make 21 trips this year (3 days per class), plus 2 long weekends to get certified somewhere in the state, there's another 3,000 miles to be had.

There are (unsubstantiated) rumors floating around of a family trip to Myrtle Beach this year and if possible I'd like to ride down and back rather than fly.  That's another 1,600 miles round trip.

Sprinkle in regular "getting about", day rides with friends and two Buell events I'll be attending this year and we can add another 2,000 miles or so to the total.

This puts us at 13,600 miles for 2012.  Sounds like a ton.  Perfect.  Now, I'm sure there will be days I just don't feel like taking the bike, and plans may fall through, so I'm going to set a reasonable goal of riding at least 10,000 miles this year.  Double my avaerage and more in a single year than I've done before.

I suppose I should put the engine in Buell back together...

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