Sort of.

I finally took the cylinders from the S3T to Noel's Machine Shop for a measure and hone.  Everything came out in spec and only cost me $50, so I'm not complaining.  I quick stop to the dealer for a set of new rings and I'll be a mere few hours from having this bike back together (I think).

I wish I was on top of this more a month ago - the weather here has been and will continue to be astoundingly warm.

Some minor site updates - I've updated the Fleet page to reflect the recent sale of my 1125CR and also updated the for sale page to only include items I currently have available. 
3/19/2012 06:21:39 am

Which machine are going to take to the rally?

3/21/2012 11:23:56 pm

The S3 is the only one I've got anymore. I sold the 1125CR to Froggy's friend who lives near me.


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