Well, the ADK Buell Rally is really starting to take form, and it's shaping up to have a much better turn out than I was expecting.  Seems Dave has been pimping the event all over and we've got something like 15 people already slated to attend with a pile of others who are on the fence as of yet.  This is a good thing - We've been lacking a good Buell event in the Northeast with the exception of the Headless Horseman ride at the end of October, so something earlier the season will be welcomed.

I've updated the event page with some ride route ideas - most of them should be ok but a couple will need to be scouted as the effects of Hurricane Irene may have some sections of road a little more broken up than we'd like.  There is also a preliminary itinerary.  The whole weekend will be rather laid back, with rides going in all directions depending on who wants to go where, but we want to ensure we all know where and when to meet in the mornings and again for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, I'm working with Dave on coming up with places to eat each evening.  With a group as large as this is turning out to be, we'll need to be more organized than originally thought.

In other parts of the Buell World, I found a header for the S3 to run with my new Pro-Series Supertrapp muffler.  The prices on these have gotten a little out of hand for some reason, so when a fellow BadWeBber offered me one he had at a good price I decided to go ahead and get it.  I'm hoping to have the cylinders honed and measured in the next couple weeks and bike back together before we get too deep into March.  Wish me luck.
Dave Tweed
2/10/2012 08:13:26 am

Thanks for doing all the grunt work on this Rally Mark I am fired up!!!!!!!


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