Everyone and their mother has a blog.  Now I do, too, and to complete the blog-starting experience I'm writing what would be the equivalent to a slow kid waving and yelling, "HI!!!" out of a car window as his mom drives past you walking your dog, like you give a crap.

Here's a picture.
my Buell 1125CR
That bike is for sale.  Use my Contact Me page or check out the ad I posted on craigslist.
1/18/2012 12:31:54 pm

Cool Bananas. Everyone has a blog (except me), but not everyone has one that I would bother to take time to read.
Blog away!

1/18/2012 06:24:04 pm

Love the title for the blog. I think I know where you got it. Lol. Finish the S3T and let's rent a Uhaul and go south of the mason dixon.


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