Nothing of any real substance to post blog-wise, but thought it prudent to share that I'm working on expanding the site a bit.  Currently in progress, I'm updating the new Ride Reports section.  There you'll find an artsy fartsy little essay I wrote last year that may make some of you question my sexual orientation, as well an in-progress report on my coast-to-coast trip I took in 2010.  I'll be finishing that and adding more rides in the days and weeks to come.

I've also included a new section called The Fleet, which now contains a lack-luster listing of all of the bike's I've owned and which I hope to eventually have photos and backgrounds on each.

If you think I might have something you want, check out my personal classifieds section.  I don't expect for this page to stick around but we'll try it out and see how it goes.

Eventually I'd like to also add some pages where I can share my 2 cents on motorcycle touring, try to make a journey of any distance or duration more enjoyable for you, and generally envelop myself in my own narcissism while I pretend anyone actually gives a hell about what I have to say about anything.

Something you can surely expect in the near future is my coverage of the International Motorcycle Show in New York City this weekend.  Expect lots of photos and opinions on new models.

Until then...

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