Couple things happening all at once with the MSF gig.  This past weekend I took the Basic Rider Course as a student as per the requirements to become a rider coach, and aside from the cold and rain it was a lot of fun.  My group had all kinds of riders in it - no experience up to riding veterans (myself and another Rider Coach candidate were in there), guys and girls, young and old, people into sportbikes, cruisers, you name it.

I met a couple more of the rider coaches who are already working and gained a lot of insight into how we teach, why we teach, etc.  One of them who works for ADKBMS is also a QA guy for MSF, so what he says pretty much goes, so a nice resource to have.

The good news?  Every person in my class passed the course.  The bad news?  I got dinged 6 points for putting my foot down once and not carrying enough speed through a corner.  So much for being a good example.  At least when I take the test to be a certified coach I'm allowed 10 points off, so I'm still safe and these are easy issues to fix.

I also went ahead an registered a DBA in my county (owning my own business, not a database analyst) with this websites namesake, so I'm just about all set on that front.  Next is to get a tax ID number and figure out exactly what I can deduct.  I'm told, since I opened the business before buying the new bike, that I actually might be able to claim the depreciation on the bike, so we'll see.

So, things to look forward to are the pickup of the new bike and the possible delivery of the Buell to a new owner... stay tuned!
4/23/2012 06:38:47 am

Mark I just had to do all this again as well my old accountant made a big boo boo and I lost a group rate on health ins and the added cost is 500 a month so I opted to start my own business again. There are tons of things you can write off. I would get a good accountant and let him tell you what you can and can't. I'll talk to you more at the Rally.

4/23/2012 10:35:32 pm

good deal buddy, thats all really exciting stuff... plus the benefit of a cple extra bux in your pocket is pretty sweet.

As for my new ride, ive been looking into an 07 yamaha vmax, ive liked them for a long time, and they seem a pretty solid choice. plus they are half the price of used harley's. plus the with the new version that started in 08 is still ten large.


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