I've added a new section about riding gear - like the bikes section, it's in its infancy so so go easy on me.

In other news, I've gone and picked a new muffler for the S3T.  Currently it has the full race system which includes a tuned-length header and a straight-through muffler.  It sounds absolutely bad ass, but it can get a little old after a full day of riding, so I've been on the lookout for a quieter option.

I settled on the Buell Pro-Series muffler, which works with the stock header and is nothing but a rebranded Supertrapp IDS muffler.  I'm crossing my fingers that, with a closed end-cap installed, this muffler will be noticeably quieter without sounding stock-quiet. 

Now all I need is to find a stock header for 99-02 EFI Buell... proving a little difficult.

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