I'm tired, so we're going to keep this short.

The weather was not scheduled to cooperate this weekend, so unfortunately I did not take a private plane to Canton, OH to get the Sprint.  Instead, I rented a car and called into work yesterday and drove out.  The day started with a 4:45am departure and I was at the dealership by 1:20pm that afternoon.  Not too shabby.  Paperwork done and set up with some new heated gear to combat the forecasted cold temperatures and I began to pack up for the trip.  It was a little tough getting everything together, running the wiring for the heated gloves and socks and hooking up my GPS, but I was rolling by about 4:00.  3 1/2 hours later and I found a roadside motel in Marienville, PA - small town, walkable to the cafe for dinner and then it was time for bed.  I decided I would sleep in given my looooooong day.

Well, that plan was shot to hell.  I couldn't stay asleep past 8:00, so I got up and started messing with getting the bike back loaded up and ended up locking myself out of my room.  Office was closed.  Whoops.  Good thing I had my wallet on me, so I walked back to the cafe for breakfast.  I got back to the motel and had to wait until after 10 to get back into my room (I was REALLY close to cutting the screen and going in through the window...

Quick shower and I was on the road a little after 11.  There was much meandering through the Pennsylvania mountains.  My bladder dictated a stop at a roadside attraction for the logging industry in PA - rather interesting, actually.

Anyway, yadda yadda, hit a diner outside of Binghampton for a very late lunch, twisties through the Catskills and I got home right about 8:00pm.  A couple long ass days, but well worth it.

Now I'll shut up and let you see some professional-grade photos I took with my cell phone.

4/30/2012 08:29:23 pm

That sir is a fine looking steed!!! Interesting this logging place you write of. I must speak with you on this.:)


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