Well, with a new bike comes the need to make it your own, so why wait.
First thing's first, the little plastic clips that connected the straps which hold pannier lids from swinging down are junk and let go if you look at them funny, crashing my nice painted sidecase lid into the muffler or the swingarm, depending on which side of the bike you happen to be on.  Neither of, which by the way, are made out of pillow and pixie farts, so a little reminder is left of what happened.  The remedy was a simple one - $1.97 spent at the hardware store to get a pair of those threaded master link chain deals and now I have fail-safe measures to keep those lips where they're supposed to be.

Next up is the tank protector.  I picked up a clear one at the dealership when I bought the bike and while it looked okay there, it looks like hell, now.  It's not sticking well and I know it will get all dirty under there, so off it will be coming in favor of a Tank Slapper unit.  The Tank Slapper uses a clear 3M vinyl, but unlike typical adhesive-backed vinyl, this stuff is actually removable and reusable and costs less.  It will also cover the back and sides of the tank for total protection from belt buckle and legs/knees.

Electrical accessories are the new black it seems, and thankfully Triumph doesn't leave you stranded with options.  There are 4, yes FOUR accessory outlets on the bike for your charging pleasure.  The first is a Powerlet plug behind the side fairing near your left knee which is always on.  The second is a 2-pin plug under the seat which is switched and there are two more 2-pin plugs behind the front fairing, one switched and one not.  The plugs come with a male "blank", so a few bucks spent on pins and grommets and I can make working connectors out of them.  The two switched units will be for my GPS and heated gear controller while the two unswitched plugs will be left alone for now.

Speaking of GPS, I picked up a pretty slick Ram mount ball which will replace one of the clip-on mount bolts and put the screen in the perfect location for me.

And speaking of handlebars, I also picked up a set of GenMar bar risers which will bring things closer by about an inch.  I may keep them on, I may not, won't know until I try it, though.

Last but not least will be installing a Givi mounting plate for my top case.  It's actually kind of a shame - the stock luggage rack is rather nice looking, and I was trying to conjure up ways to keep from covering it up or drilling holes in it, but it's just barely too small to mount the Givi lugs directly to it.  There is a aluminum rack you can get that saves from drilling holes, but it's prohibitively expensive comared to the $60 universal plate that I scored on Craigslist for $15.

I think that's it for now, I'll try to remember to post photos up as I do things for your viewing pleasure.

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