Figures that this blog doesn't get updated for days, and now I have at least three topics I want to cover.  I'm going to space these out over three posts, hopefully over three days to keep everyone adequately entertained.

So we'll kick off this little trifecta with an update on my MSF Rider Coach training.  Yesterday was a cold one, but I headed up North to meet with the owner of the school and a handful of other new coaches to learn (in my case) and practice (in their case) the demos that we'd have to run for the students.

I originally wanted to ride the bike up, but while the cold that morning wasn't particularly bothersome, the idea that it would eventually mix with rain was (and it did for the last hour we were on the bikes and for the entire drive home - good call), so I left the Buell on the battery tender and took the car instead.  The demos were harder to ride than I thought they'd be, likely more to do with my needing to break some poor/different habits as opposed to the actual difficulty of the exersize.  What was interesting to me was that one of the first riding demos we did involved weaving through cones, and I found this to be among the most difficult of the courses we ran.  Things eventually setlled in nicely, however, I'm sure in part to getting used to the bike (I was riding a Suzuki TU250 that was just begging for a set of clip ons) which is much smaller, lighter and slower to do anything than any other bike I've owned.  It was also hard to do a demo according to how they want to demonstrate a technique as opposed to how I'd accomplish the same thing using a different, possibly incorrect style of riding if I were on my own.

Overall, I found that I learned a lot.  I don't know that I've picked up any majorly new skills, but there were some little tips and tricks I was shown that I think will work into my personal riding very nicely to make my time in the saddle a little more consistant.  This is going to be a good, fun challenge to master these demos.

Next up on the agenda is a LOT of reading material and then taking the BRC Course (the course I'll be certified for) as a student during the weekend of April 20th.

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