You think I'm joking.  I spent last night watching the The World's Fastest Indian while giving all of my leathers a good rub down.

For those of us living north of the Mason Dixon, there are at least a couple of months where it's too cold, too windy or too damn snowy to ride with any regularity.  If you're anything like me, it only takes a few weeks of purely relying on 4-wheeled methods of transportation before you find yourself sitting on the bike in the garage and spitting all over yourself trying to make engine noises like a toddler.  Time to do something productive.

Leather.  You look good in it.  She looks really good in it.  And... it saves your ass.  It also goes bad if you don't take care of it.  So do yourself and your skin a favor and give it some needed attention during the off-season.

There are exactly 47 gazillion different products you can use on your leather (I know, coincidence, right?).  Pick one that looks good and use it, this isn't rocket science.  Most types will offer some level of waterproofness, some might renew the color or give it a nice strawberry scent, but what they'll all do give your leather some softness and subtleness back.  If left to its own devices, your second set of skins will dry out and crumple into something your girlfriend's cat will find purr-fectly soft and absorbent.  Not a fitting fate for your ol' buddy that prevents you from getting a skin graft after showing off in the canyons a little too much.

The bottom line is you've got nothing better to do (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this drivel), so go get yourself some leather lotion and get rub-a-dub'in.  Just don't let your wife catch you.

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