This is probably the coolest website I've stumbled across in a long time. provides a simulator which compares the riding positions of a nearly endless list of bikes, which you can customize to a specific height and inseam, as well as seat position (for instance, I tend to sit at the front of the seat as opposed to the center).  It also contains options to see if you can flat foot the bike or not, and switching between views centered on the derriere of Mr. Stickman make comparisons a breeze.  If you select a bike you have experience on, it's easy to see how another machine should feel, at least sitting still.  My only complaint? Seems older bikes are not included, so my 10-year-old steed is only up for analysis the old fashioned way - test rides!  Ask me how upset I am about that...
4/1/2012 07:58:16 am

Thanks for that Mark I was tinkering with it and I noticed something I have always questioned and found it to be IMO true. That is look at say a fatboy there is 0 lean angle but also notice the leg position. Then look at a standard say a Z1000 kawi,. The rider on the softail has his spine completly taking the brunt of every single hit the machine takes with there legs not really able to assist in shock absorbment if you will. This imo puts the rider with legs in a supporting position and body semi leaning forward in a way more shock absorbing position. Why then do a lot of people always say the criusers are way more comfortable as it is to me simply not true.

4/1/2012 11:51:46 pm

Dave, I think there is some merit to cruisers being more comfortable. If your issue is with the lower back or tailbone pressure, then a cruiser isn't going to fix anything. But if you're have problems with wrist pressure or too tight of a knee angle, the cruiser position will likely alleviate both of those with the side effect of not having any fun, haha.


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