Let me start off by saying that a Harley-based bike night is not at all my scene, but my good friend Dave does pin striping on the side and sets up a booth at JJ's Bike Night once a month and asked if I'd come down to hang out and take some photos, so photos I took and hanging I did.

JJ's in Watervliet holds a bike night once a month, weather permitting, the Tuesday evening after the Guptil's car cruise in (this is the easiest way to explain it - otherwise it would be "the first Tuesday after the first Monday of the month").  This month was not a weather permitting month.  The turnout, to my understanding, was a little light due to the fact that an impromptu rain date was scheduled for Wednesday night rather than the rained-out Tuesday and caused a number of bikes and a vendor or two (notably the food guy) to not be around.

Nicely restored Indian
That said, it seemed to me that quite a few people showed up despite only a day's heads up.  Parking was very well organized (I was among the first to arrive) and by 6:00 or so the lot was most of the way full with a collection of hand-picked bikes parked under the tent for judging and trophies.  I don't recall all of the details on everything, but there was a very cherry Indian and a tastefully done Panhead that each belonged to owners, employees, good friends or some other relation to Buzzy, the man who owns the shop.

Smitten with this Sporty
I was particularly smitten with an early 70's Sportster that rolled in with a bolt-on hardtail and a very minimialist and mechanical look.  Made me wish I hadn't ever sold my '64 XLCH.  Walking through the shop was also a treat with lots of old iron floating about, some crazy paint jobs and a properly shagged XR1200 that looked ridden like it should be. 

Dave at work
Well before dark, bikes began to peel out quicker than they arrived and before we knew it the time to pack up had come, but not before Dave got to paint a helmet for an employee of the shop.

The only thing I didn't like?  The Triumph embarrassed me!  It had a hell of a time starting, very low idle and would stall out - took far too many tries.  I gassed up right before I got there, so I'm thinking I vapor-locked the tank with it being so full.  Will have to keep an eye on that.  It also has me wanting to build that X1 again - as nice as the bikes were, I think I'd have the most interesting ride there if I could manage to build what's in my head.

Here are some other photos I took of the event:

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