Come late December, I hadn't ridden since Thanksgiving night and the itch was pretty strong.  I was working from home and decided to suit up and head out on my lunch break for a quick rip around the hills near my home.  I recall a bank thermometer reading around 31 degrees, and it was noticeably colder up in the elevation, but my heated gloves and socks combined with layer upon layer for the rest of me made for a very comfortable ride.

Even further to my surprise, I took a ride just a few weeks ago with my new Tour Master mesh jacket.  Yes, you read correctly - mesh.  To be fair, it does come with a rain liner and a thermal liner, but even with those I wouldn't have expected it to be as warm as it was - I noticed no more cold than with my Joe Rocket one-peice suit.

My most recent ride was this past weekend.  I met up with a friend who I had done the MSF RCP course with.  Temperatures were warmish - mid-40s at best - but the rain overnight and melting snow made for some very wet roads and a very dirty bike and the end of the ride.  We probably did something around 50 miles through the hills, and while most of the roads were ones I was already familiar with there were a handful that were new to me and real gems at that.  I will be returning when the weather is warmer and drier.

I'm not terribly sure when my next ride will be.  Mother nature just dropped another few inches of snow today and temperatures are slated to plummet again by the weekend.  There is moto-hope in sight, though.  I will be meeting a bunch of fellow Buell (and former Buell) riders in New York City for the Motorcycle Show at Javits Center.  In addition to checking out some of the industry's newest offerings, we will likely also enjoy a late lunch at the Dinosaur in Harlem as well as discuss the details of this year's ADK Buell Rally.  I'm really looking forward to this year's event and hope we have at least as good of a turnout this time around.  It seemed to be a hit with those who were able to make it last year.
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