The plans have been made!  May 17-19, 2013 will be the ADK Buell Rally for this year.  We had a great time last year and are looking forward to this go-around.  Nearly everything will be as it was last year, so don't expect any big departures from that.  I'm not even going to be changing the routes, at least not officially.

Rather than re-type a whole bunch of crap that I already typed, visit the rally page on this website to get all of the most current details on the event.
In other news, This past Saturday I went down to New York City for the International Motorcycle Show.  I met up with a Bueller (who actually purchased my 1125CR from me) and took the train down to the city where we met up with a handful of other Buelligans.  God, I need to get another Buell...

Anyway, there wasn't really a whole lot of excitement down there this year.  Yamaha's new FJR is nice and nicer to look at, but it's still a fat cow.  The new Honda 500's are neat and welcomed addition to the market, but understandably nothing that it's my buying future.  The new Triumph Trophy looks to be a great bike for the segment it fills, which is nothing I'd be interested in.  The new Daytona 675R is very nice and something I'd consider buying, as is the (now old news) Speed Triple, though the naked 1050 feels much heavier than the 675.

What I was most surprised by was the new RPHA line of helmets by HJC.  The marketing is a big hot mess, but the RPHA product line, supposedly pronounced 'arfuh', akin to a sneezing pirate, bears no sign of an HJC emblem that I could find and is intended to fill the gap in the market between bargain helmets (a la everything else HJC makes) and the premium helmets from the makes of Shoei, Schuberth and others.  The kicker is the RPHA helmets, from what I could tell, were just as nice as the Shoei helmets across the isle.

Now here's where it gets interesting - a helmet like the Schuberth C3 is touted for it's lightness and quietness.  The HJC RPHA Max is .05 lbs heavier (big whoop) and is rated at the same 84dB at 62mph in a wind tunnel, and it does it all with a street price that is HALF of the $699 Schuberth's price tag (there are no discounts on Schuberth helmets - $699 in the MSRP and that's what you're gonna pay).

In fact, I liked it so much that I plopped down my own cash on one and it will be here shortly.  I think I'll throw together some kind of video review just to try it out.  I'll keep the color choice a surprise for y'all.

The last bit of news I have for everyone is I have my MSF teaching schedule for next year - specific dates aren't important, but I've got 6 classes to teach which should be a lot of fun and also put a few bucks in my pocket while making for some safe new riders.

You know, this was supposed to be short post, but I guess I've got more going on that I thought!  Stay tuned for the helmet review soon...

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