Ok, ok, I know I was MIA for a few days there and you all seem rather upset about that as evidenced by my abysmal page visit count over the last few days.  I do have a good excuse as I was in Montreal with Katie for a long weekend, so cut me some slack.

Now, Montreal, as near as I can tell, is not a motorcycle kind of town.  Yes, I know it was Canada in February, but I always seem to recall a certain number of motorcycles running about in New York City in any given month, so I was surprised to not see so much as a scooter given the mild-ness of the winter we've been having in the Northeast.  But then again that could just be my piss poor memory kicking in which seems to happen more and more often.

Also, there are not cops in Quebec, apparently.

Montreal, Quebec and Canada aside, this trip did give me a little motorcycle jolliness as the route from here to there is due North through the Adirondacks.  Not sure if you heard, but we're planning on having a little get together in May in that area and I will also be there each day for a full week for Americade.

The scenery was rather outstanding.  I don't often go north of Exit 30 - in fact the last time I did that I recall was when my parents took me to Montreal when I was 8 or so, so the views from the highway were all new to me.  I would have figured the lack of snow, which makes for a rather dead looking panoramic, would be cause for a less than stellar scenery, but in fact the small patches of snow and the white-capped peaks in the distance made for a very interesting view.  The High Peaks region was clearly in sight and I'm excited to go exploring again once the weather warms up.

Two other sites worth seeing - the first we visited on the way back, DeCesare's Pizzeria in Schroon Lake.  As good as I remember and included on one of the routes for the ADK Buel Rally in a few months.  The other was Gus' in Plattsburgh.  This is quite a haul from the HQ of the ADK Rally and Americade, but since we'll have a week perhaps I can convince Joel et al to follow me up for red hots with meat sauce.  Yum.

But that will all wait for the sun to be a bit higher in the sky.  For now, I think I shall venture into the garage and start putting the S3T back together.  It's going to be spring before I know it...
2/20/2012 06:30:21 am

Good to hear you had a good trip. The Adirondacks is one of those "I'd like to see one day" places :)

2/21/2012 09:25:14 am

Well Chili if your close enough come on out to the Rally

2/27/2012 11:30:19 am

Well, Chili, if you and Vamp ever make it back over here (and not in Feb/March as the mountains will still be thoroughly snowed in) I'd love to show you around.

2/29/2012 08:32:42 am

I should have picked up on that one D'OH
sorry Graham


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