Look at that - two days in a row.  Aren't you just a bunch of lucky bastards.

Last night mostly followed the nights prior - got home from work and mostly lived in the garage.  I ended up running out to my local Harley Dealership to get the gasket that was missing from my kit.  At about $6 out the door, I'm not going to make a stink about it to the guy I got the gasket kit from.  Al at American Sport Bike has been more than fantastic in the past in providing parts and information that it's really nothing. 

Before the sun was down, the rear cylinder was all buttoned up and I installed and torqued down the new front isolator.  I also installed the new ASB front motor mount, though I left the bolts going to the head loose as I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to come up with the air cleaner support bracket yet, and it may end up tieing into those bolts somehow.  BUT, what that does mean is, for the first frickin' time since November, the engine is 100% supported by the frame of the bike and NOT by a hydraulic jack.  BEHOLD...
After that it was off to my neighbor's to hang out and drink his scotch while I watched him grill.  Then back to the garage where I disassembled and cleaned the throttle body and intake, but not before totally marring up the mating surfaces.  A little file job and we were back in business.  I'm not certain the fuel injectors are sitting 100% correct, but it matches the pictures in the service manual so I'm going with it for now.  If I turn the key and fuel is spraying everywhere or it's running leaner than hell I'll know I did something incorrectly.

Uhhh... what's left...  My notes say to install the intake, exhaust, top motor mount, tie bars, air cleaner, fabricate an air cleaner bracket, hook up all fuel lines and electrical connections, install fuel filter, breather setup, gas tank, fairings, set the static timing and change the oil.  I *think* I can have this wrapped up this weekend...
3/23/2012 10:53:56 am

Work more faster even :)
It's starting to look like a tuber again.


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