It's been more than a month since I last wrote anything for you guys, so it seems I have some catching up to do.

When I left off, I was just about ready to to Utica for my Rider Coach Prep course.  Needless to say, it was extremely challenging but I made it out alive, certified and confident.

Our instructor, Lynne, expected a lot of us and we were (mostly) able to deliver across the board.  Despite a few close calls, everyone passed.  The second weekend was mostly student teaching a class of actual students, with hand offs between all 12 instructors to cover all of the lessons and exercises.  It was fun, challenging and draining.  Each weekend I came home exhausted.
Coaching an exercise
Teaching in the classroom
The graduating class, along with our instructor and the head of the NYS Motorcycle Safety Program.
Since graduating, I haven't been riding as much as I'd like.  A combination of vacations (including a week in the Outer Banks) and poorer weather meant the car was getting used a bit more.  Last night I did take it for a 4-hour round trip ride downstate to get CPR and First Aid certified and aside from dodging dodgy deer coming back up the Taconic State Parkway at 11pm, it was an enjoyable ride with not too much interstate.

I'll be coaching my first class as an intern this weekend - wish me luck!

In other news...

The big moto-trip of 2012 has been significantly downsized.  The original intent was to get to Oregon and back via a few friend's places and some choice National Parks, but time off from work and a severe case of TWS (thin wallet syndrome) means I'll just be doing a quick, 5-day loop through Michigan, the UP and Ontario.  2 night in the Detroit area are being allotted to visit 2 friends and do some urban exploring in some of D-Town's abandoned buildings, a great change to get the camera out again which has been packed up too much lately.  From there I'll head north to the UP via the Mackinaw bridge, then across Ontario and back home through the Adirondack Park.  Crossing my fingers for no rain, it should be a short and enjoyable trip.  Oregon
Joel Storm
8/31/2012 06:20:53 am

If time permits take the commuter ferry to mackinAw island- no motor vehicles but you can get a tour by horse drawn wagon. If butterfly house is open bring your camera. Eat at a tavern on the main drag to the left of the pier. Then go on over bridge to continue on. We stayed in small cabins mackinac city- good view of lake and walk to fudge.


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