Bear with me on this post as I'm trying out a new app to be able to do this entirely from my phone...
Together for the last time...
Last weekend was my last ride on the Buell. I left around 9:00am and headed for Maryland to drop it off to David, the new owner. The first half of the ride was very bittersweet, thinking of all of the memories on the S3T and how much I would miss it.

The second half, however, reminded me of all the reasons I decided to buy the Sprint, haha. I was feeling much better about my decision once I got to my destination, despite any affinity I still have for the Buell.

Once I arrived to David's house, the riding didn't stop. Out of his impressive collection of now 11 motorcycles, among them were three which he so graciously allowed me to sample.

I apologize for the lack of photos, I did take some but they are gone from my phone for some reason.

The first was a Triumph Thruxton - classically cool looking machine that was almost alarmingly heavy-handling, but I'll be damned if the noise that came out of those twin arrow mufflers wasn't a hoot, making the bike a blast to ride.
Next up (I'm doing these out of order intentionally) was likely one of the rarest bikes I've ridden to date - a 1997 Moto Guzzi V1100 Sport. It handles just like what you'd expect a 90's era hand built Italian sportbike should(well, that is), with a tractor of an engine mounted the wrong way, tossing you off the side of the bike every time you blipped the throttle. Totally cool
The last, but certainly not least sampling was David's mint and tastefully carbon-ized Buell S1. I've never ridden a bike that was such a kick to the chest as this one and I loved it. So much, in fact, that at the moment an example of one is the strongest contender for an eventual second bike in my garage. More importantly, it also affirmed in my mind that I like it as a tuber better than my S3, another tid bit that helped to comfort my decision to sell it in the first place.
Nice toilet paper!
After riding it was a night of Russian beer, home made margaritas, lamb chops, bratwurst and Star Trek. A good and very late night.
The next day was a wake up to blueberry waffles made by David's girlfriend (I always seem to eat well on Buell trips...), some quick goodbyes and off to the airport to get the rental car and drive home. Washington DC, as it turns out, is a giant PITA to get out of if you're heading north. I think my GPS overheated!
So now, with the Buell but a memory taking up the empty space and disconnected battery tender lead in my garage, my attention is turned entirely to the shiny, new bit of English engineering, and I have a few new things for it.
First up is I wired up the GPS to the bike permanently on the switched power source that was originally intended for the factory heated grips.
Next was the install of some GenMar bar risers (I got mine off of eBay). An inch higher doesn't feel like much sitting on the bike, but going down the road it helped with wrist pressure a lot. As an added bonus, it moved my head just enough to get it into smooth air, so I may not need to do anything with the windscreen.
Skipping around a bit, last week I installed my Tank Slapper tank protector - it's as invisible as anything could be and offers much more protection than a typical tank guard. Install took a few tries just to get it positioned well, but the process itself was very easy.
Look carefully, it's there
The biggest change to the bike was mounting my Givi top case. Yes, it's very ugly, but it's equally as useful in both cargo capacity and a makeshift backrest for the misses. The model I have is a bit dated, but it holds 2 full face helmets or my work laptop perfectly.
Besides that, I did the first service as well as adjusting the throttle and clutch cables which has made shifting and braking much smoother.
Quick mock up, all geared up for a long trip.
That's all for now - a couple other goodies on the way that I'll post up once I have them.
5/9/2012 07:05:17 am

The guy I am rooming with as I believe I mentioned at the ADK rally has a tiger and a thruxton I am guessing he is taking the tiger. But I like the Idea of getting to look at them both in there element and make a desicion easier for me.


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