Well, it was an early morning for me for a Saturday.  I headed North today to sit in as guest for the spring company meeting of Adirondacks & Beyond Motorcycle Safety.  This meeting is meant to get as many of the MSF-Certified Rider Coaches together before the 2012 class season to go over changes in curriculum and other general announcements.  The owner, Marc, asked me to come to help immerse myself in the program and solidify my interest in becoming a Rider Coach.

What can I say - it seems like a very good group of people he has working for him and everyone that's there very obviously loves what they do, and that's reason enough for me to still be interested.  As the only person in the room who hadn't received any MSF-based rider training (there was one other guy who was only waiting to take the Rider Coach Prep Course but had already shadowed and taken the Beginner Rider Course), a lot of the material was a little vague to me.  But aside from the intricacies of specifically how the class is taught, I feel I got a rather good idea of the school is run and what will be expected of me.  I'm still very excited.

My next step is to get enrolled as a student in the class I'll eventually be teaching, then shadow the instructors for at least 3 full classes (1 class being Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday).  Then off to the prep course and I'm set to go.

Originally it was expected that the prep course would be offered in late August or thereabouts, but it seems that schedule has been adjusted for this year and it will be offered in late July instead.  This means that I'll need to compress my schedule a bit to get ready, but it also means if I can get it all in I'll have an opportunity to teach some classes before the end of season, working to both ingrain what I've learned into my thick skull and to also fatten my pocket a little bit as well.

I'm truly psyched for this and will be sure to keep you all posted on my progress.  It's going to be a busy year!

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