We've had an unseasonably warm winter so for in the Northeast (figures that I don't have a bike in commission to use right now), and although we haven't had any snowfall that has lasted more than a day or two here, morning dustings are getting more and more common and I'd expect that February is going to hammer us.  I'm sure mother nature is all pent up at this point.

I already ride all year here in New York when bike function and road conditions allow, but I've been giving thought to being able to ride in all weather for some time now.  I know it's not for everyone, but suiting up and heading to work in a snow storm on a 2WD Ural sounds like a blast to me.  Or perhaps find a set of studded snow tires for a Can Am Spyder.  I'd barely be able to justify owning a car anymore.  Bliss.

Alas, I'm sure it is not to happen for a number of reasons.  For starters, I'm not sure that my wallet or my garage will have the capacity for a slippery surface-capable machine for sometime.  More importantly, my lovely girlfriend has made it quite clear that there's no damn way in hell she's getting in a sidecar, much less when it's freezing cold out and snowing.

Oh well.  I can dream.  In the meantime, I'll just watch videos like this one while the snows falls outside my window:
Feel free to hang around the site a bit - I've added some verbiage around the Choosing the Right Bike section.  Still a work in progress but at least there's some pretty pictures.
With my 1125 lacking any kind of wind protection and my S3T halfway taken apart in my garage, I've not been getting too much riding in this winter, which is a shame given how warm the winter has been so far.

But fear not - luckily for me I live on a street full of gear heads and one of my neighbors just picked up a 2009 Kawasaki KLR 650 for a song.  1,700 miles and even has a new set of beefy knobbies on it.

I was surprised when he hopped off and handed me the bike to run up and down the street some - I was not surprised that I took him up on it.  No gloves, no jacket, no helmet.  Love it.  (kids, don't try this at home).

It felt incredibly light and a little too "tippy" for my taste, but then again I haven't ridden a dirt bike since I was 14 or 15.  As gutless as it was, it should have plenty of power for the trails and can even hold a good highway pace if you want to cover some distance to find the real good dirt.

They are also easily farkeled to all hell, which I'm sure the owner will be doing.  That is, if he decides he likes it.  This guy goes through toys like no one else I know and it's perfectly conceivable that this bike will be gone before spring.

He told me I'm welcome to borrow it any time - I may do just that sometime just to see how it does on more than my street.  All I know is it felt good to hop on something and run it through the gears, and it has me thinking about something new for the stable... Maybe that Ural Patrol will show up sooner than anticipated...

In other news, I think since the last time I've posted I've added a few pages to The Fleet for some of the other bikes I've owned, if anyone is interested.  Also, you may be seeing some ads on the pages as well - my goal with these is to make only enough money to cover the expense of buying my own domain name in the near future, not to get rich.  With that in mind, I'm trying to keep them as subtle as is reasonable and not appear too "spammy".  If anything has a spam-tastic feel about it, please let me know and I'll adjust it.
I've finished my entries for my 2010 road trip, so you can read the story start to finish now.

I also added pages in The Fleet which cover my 2002 Buell S3T and my previously owned 1964 Sportster.

If you see any typos or error, shoot me an email and let me know.

Now it's time for some shut eye - early to rise to tomorrow for the NYC motorcycle show.
Nothing of any real substance to post blog-wise, but thought it prudent to share that I'm working on expanding the site a bit.  Currently in progress, I'm updating the new Ride Reports section.  There you'll find an artsy fartsy little essay I wrote last year that may make some of you question my sexual orientation, as well an in-progress report on my coast-to-coast trip I took in 2010.  I'll be finishing that and adding more rides in the days and weeks to come.

I've also included a new section called The Fleet, which now contains a lack-luster listing of all of the bike's I've owned and which I hope to eventually have photos and backgrounds on each.

If you think I might have something you want, check out my personal classifieds section.  I don't expect for this page to stick around but we'll try it out and see how it goes.

Eventually I'd like to also add some pages where I can share my 2 cents on motorcycle touring, try to make a journey of any distance or duration more enjoyable for you, and generally envelop myself in my own narcissism while I pretend anyone actually gives a hell about what I have to say about anything.

Something you can surely expect in the near future is my coverage of the International Motorcycle Show in New York City this weekend.  Expect lots of photos and opinions on new models.

Until then...