Seems I've been getting a bit lazy with adding content, so I'll try more better to stay on top of things.  This was an idea I had kicking around for a quick article - to basically peruse through eBay and pick out some interesting bikes I find.  Not terribly exciting, but who doesn't like looking at neat old bikes.  Keep in mind that these links will break once the ads get flushed down the eBay toilet, so read up while you can.  Heh.  Can.  Flushed.  Get it?

First up is this '54 Harley K-Model.  I'm not an expert on these, at least not as much as I am with old Sportsters, but I'm thinking that this is not a terribly original bike.  I'm unusre if the oil tank is original, which brings to doubt the frame, but I know for a fact the front end is from a late-60's Sportsters.  Still a very neat bike, even if it was outdated when it was new.  I'm guessing we have a K-model engine in a late-60's Sportster frame.

Here's an interesting one you don't see for sale often - a Rokon Trailbreaker.  Check out the photos and be sure to note the nifty chain-drive for the FRONT wheel.  That's right, 2WD and not cheating like a Ural!  If this can't get you there, then you can't get there.  Or perhaps they do come up often - I've seen four of them on eBay today.  I can't remember the last time I saw one.

Moving on, there's a rather rare Honda CBX SS for sale.  The CBX, and moreso this fully-faired SS model is kind of like the great-granddaddy to bikes like the Hyabusa and Ninja ZX-14.  Add panniers like this one has you have among the first supersports-tourers.

Bike?  Car?  Who cares, THIS is cool!

This Buell S2 is, what I believe to be, one of the many examples of a person not knowing what the flying f*** they're talking about (or just making up a story to sell a bike).  Yes, the S2 was still mostly a hand-built bike, but it will be a bitterly cold day in hell that anyone can prove that any Buell ever left the factory with nothing but Harley-Davidson logos on it.  This is less-likely a "special factory build" and much more likely a demented owners idea of a Harley sport bike.  If someone can give me the low down on this bike to contrary I'll gladly eat my words.

That's all I've got for now.  The entirety of my new exhaust for the S3 has shown up and I'll likely put together a little article outlining the differences between the Buell Pro-Series slip-on muffler the Buell Race Exhaust system, as many people confuse the two or don't know that they are two different things.  Heck, maybe even a video - it will give me a reason to set up a You Tube account for this website.