I said you'd get a new post every day for the next three days.  Guess what?  I lied.  Deal with that in your own special way.

What I have for you know is going to be a short little article to discuss the difference between the two accessory exhaust systems offered by Buell during the late tuber years (~1999-2002) as there always seems to be a fair amount of confusion on the two.

The first up is the Pro-Series slip-on muffler.  This guy is simply a Buell-branded Supertrapp 4" internal disc muffler, and you can actually still buy brand new examples of it from Supertrapp, although they are not Buell-branded (but are the exact same muffler).

The other option was referred to as the Race Exhaust System.  This is made up of a new header with longer primaries which wrap around the front with the outlet pointing straight back.  The muffler is a simple, but tuned, straight-through canister.  This exhaust is generally accepted to give the best power gains of any system for the Buells of this period.

Important to note is that the Pro-Series will only fit on a stock header, and the race muffler will only fit on the race header.  The two are not interchangeable in any way.

How's the sound?  Glad you asked.  I made a video:
You can hear a distinct "sharpness" in the Race system, while the Pro-Series has a "softer" note to it.  This can also be seen in the sound waveforms - the Race system having high, sharp peaks while the Pro-Series is more level through the waveform.  As far as volume goes, I have the Pro-Series running 15 discs (all that come with it) because I have the race ECM.  If I had the stock ECM, I'd run something like 12 and the volume would be a little quieter.  The volume between the two averages out to be the same: 87dB at idle, 95dB at 2,000rpm.  But, the race pipe has significantly higher peak volumes, so I'm thinking the Pro-Series will be better for full days in the saddle.

I prefer the sound of the race system, but both are pleasing to the ear.  I'm looking forward to getting a few more miles on the Pro-Series.