The first loooooong weekend of my MSF RiderCoach Prep course starts tomorrow, and I don't feel prepared for it.  I'm comfortable with the material, I'm comfortable riding the demos, but I'm going to be introduced to a new person with new expectations on how things need to be done.  I'm not certain that everything will jive.  That, coupled with a reputation for these things being extraordinarily strict has me a little uneasy.

The real kicker is that I'm not even packed.  Packing doesn't generally stress me out, but it is for this for some reason, mostly because I don't know if I'm going to drive or ride at this point - which really shouldn't matter because I need the same stuff with me regardless.

Add to that my needing to come home for Friday night and likely getting, at best, 3 hours of sleep before class resumes on Saturday and I'm just starting to bug out a little.

I'm not sure how much free time I'll have while I'm there, but I'll bring my laptop and attempt to keep everyone up to date on the progress, the nature of the class and my impressions.

In bike news, I haven't installed the new horn yet as I need to figure out a mounting location for it.  It's a bit larger than I was expecting...
I'm going to do it anyway.

Cagers... I seriously think I might go on an all-out, Grand Theft Auto IV-style killing spree at some point, but in the meantime I'm going to keep myself out of prison and instead make it easier for me to communicate to mindless drivers exactly what I think of them and their mothers. 

No, I'm not going work on riding one-handed in order to tell them I think they're number one - I'm going upgrade the horn on my bike to something that will break glass, make their ears bleed and, if there's a just God, poop their pants.

Enter the Stebel Nautilus motorcycle horn.  This 18 amp, air-compressor horn is just slightly more powerful than any stock horn (insert sarcasm), belting out 139 ear splitting decibels.  If you don't know how loud that is, it's roughly the volume of a commercial jet engine at 100ft away during take off - a volume level that some safety organizations suggest you NEVER experience, even for one minute, of a given day without hearing protection.

That will wake them up.