Well, it's been quite a while since I last made a post.  I was expecting to see a handful of days with 0 visitors on my stats page, but apparently there are no fewer than 22 of your losers looking at this crap each day, even when there hasn't been any new content in 2 weeks.  Get a life.  Also, thank you!

So why such a hiatus?  A couple weddings did take up some time, but the big one was Americade 2012.  This was the first time in a few years where Angelo, Joel, Ival and I decided to do the whole week-long shebang.  We had been growing tired of the crowds and overall Americade "format" the last few years we went, but taking a break and going at it a different way was definitely the way to go.  Years past we would sign up for a few mini-tours, boat cruises and the like, but the more we did them the more we decided they were kinda lame.  Actually, super lame.  Being stuck on a boat in the cold without enough indoor seating or food is not a good time.  At the same time, doing a 15mph parade lap around Sacandaga Lake is not much fun, either.

This time around, we would get our wrist bands and not sign up for anything else.  No cruises, dinners, tours, rodeos... nothing.  We just showed up, did some shopping, some riding, some eating, and it turned out the best way to attend Americade we (or at least, I) had found.


Typically a nothing day, as nothing is really open and going on except for registration.  The others had done a couple-day pre-Americade ride up to Watertown and registered earlier in the day, I met up later that evening to get settled and met everyone for dinner at the Log Jam with some of Joel's F-Troop Goldwing Club buddies.  Not much else to tell - food was good and then Angelo (with Paula on the back) and I rode home the long way that night.


Tuesday was our first full day up there and in an attempt to beat the crowds later in the week, we decided to get there early and get signed up for as many demos as we could.  That was the intent, anyway.  I was supposed to meet at Angelo's at 6:20am (on my day off, no less) to ride up and meet Joel and Ival for breakfast at the hotel for 7:00.  Except Angelo and Paula weren't ready at 6:20.  This was compounded by the service being terribly slow at the hotel to the point where we just decided to leave and get McDonald's instead.  Except that the service was terribly slow there, as well.  All said and done, we rolled into the Americade parking lot about 40 minutes later than we wanted.  Unfortunately, Ducati was all booked up for demos by that point.  Fortunately, other brands were WIDE open.
Anticipating a sold out condition, we B-lined it to BMW.  The line was long, but we ended up all getting on a ride at 11:00am.  Angelo and Paula paired up on an R1200GS with a low seat option because Angelo is roughly 1/3 midget.  Joel took out the same bike with standard suspension and I got myself on the beauty you see here, a K1300S in HP trim (read: lots o' carbon).  This thing was a BEAST.  I was lucky enough to be in line right behind a ride leader, which meant I was allowed to run at the fastest pace allowed.  She was on a G650 or some other enduro thing, but she hustled that thing through the curves rather well.  We weren't dragging pegs, let alone knees, but it was a spirited ride none-the-less and I was glad I was second in line as there was pretty much nobody in my rear view mirror for the entire stretch of "good" road we were on.  The bike itself was, in a word, great.  Way more power than anyone would need with the kind of fit and finish you'd expect from BMW.  Fantastic brakes and a comfortable ride and riding position.  The only real drawback was it felt heavier than it was in that transitions were almost painfully slow compared to my Sprint.  Could some suspension adjustments fix some of that?  Perhaps, but I didn't get an opportunity to try that out.  This demo, between the bike, the road and the pace was the highlight of all of my demos.  This bike was briefly on my short list before I bought the Triumph, and as much as I enjoyed it, the luggage options, slow turning and price tag affirmed that I made the right decision.

Kawasaki Ninja 1000
Next up was Kawasaki where I took out a Ninja 1000, another one on my short list.  This was Motorcyclist Magazine's 2011 Bike of the Year, so I was a bit surprised by the fact that I more or less hated it.  Don't get me wrong, it was WAY faster than I was expecting, had excellent brakes and turned very quickly, but it was ruined by two things: a) the throttle was replaced with an "on/off" switch, and b) the grip angle was chosen by someone with a lazy eye, wait - TWO lazy eyes... who doesn't ride.  Coupled with a demo route planned by someone without access to a map, and follwing behind a guy who rode the entire time on a ZX6R in full tuck, and it was just a ride I could have done without.

Lunch spot with a view of Lake George.
From here we ventured off the property for a quick-ish lunch and then got back at it.  We hung around and got a couple rides in with Victory - I took out a Hammer and a High Ball.  Both are essentially the same bike excepting that the Hammer has a tire too wide to turn with and the High Ball makes your neck hurt with the tall handlebars - but shit if I wasn't the coolest dude there!  On an up note, they were much quicker than I was expecting and the route was pretty good, plenty long if not a little bumpy in some places.

We hung out long enough to watch the Trials stunt show, which was impressive, and then it was off to drop Ival's trike and Sportline to get an electrical short fixed.  After that we had dinner at Scotty's truck stop, joined by Glenn who owns Sportline, and then it was home for the night.

I'm going to stop here because I feel like I've typed a ton already.  I'll make a second post for the rest of the week either tonight or tomorrow, so check back!

6/12/2012 10:15:54 am

Man I wish I was you!!! since the Rally I can't even go to the store without dreaming of the big land up there!!!!!!!!!

6/12/2012 10:58:28 am

Come on up, I've got an extra bed!

6/12/2012 10:26:11 pm

Thanks for the invite Brother but Mamma Bear has my wings clipped for awhile!!! Not really I just have a ton of shyt I have to get done this summer but I will try to get up that way later in the season.

The 1/3 Midget
6/12/2012 10:50:56 pm

Hey you forgot to mention my riding the KLR650 and the Vaquero! Me on the KLR would have made a great pic! Those Victory bikes were cool.

4/5/2013 11:39:11 pm

These are very good and powerful engines. I think I'll get myself one.


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