I never imagined this would be so hard.

Yes, I've known all along how attached I am to my Buell and that given the choice I'd rather keep it, but I'm getting way more upset over the though of selling it than I had imagined.

The buyer lives in Maryland and the plan is to ride it down to him tomorrow and rent a car to come home on Sunday.  Today I have been working on the Buell a little - changed the oil, put the tail bag and tank bag on and got the GPS back on it for the trip.  Spending this quality time with it all while knowing that it will soon be gone from my life is really taking its toll on my mood.

I don't know the reason.  I've long said that the S3T has been my most favorite bike; that if I was forced to choose one bike I've already owned to keep for the rest of my life, the S3T would be it without even thinking about it.  Even with the shiny, new Triumph in my garage, I think I still feel that way.  Maybe it's because I popped my REAL long-distance touring cherry with the Buell.  Maybe it's because for whatever intrinsic reason it just has the most personality of any bike I've ridden.  Maybe it's just simply because it's so god damned good looking.  Whatever the reason, I've really bonded with it in the short time I've owned it, and while I know it's just a machine there's a very real and significant attachment to it.

I'm sure this will all be easier, merely a memory once I'm back home and the Sprint is the only bike in my garage - out of sight, out of mind.  But that's of little condolence at the moment.  I know that it's going to a very good home, a genuine Buell and Tuber enthusiast, a guy who buys bikes and pretty much doesn't sell them.  It still doesn't make me feel better about it.

Maybe getting another Buell in the garage will be the ticket - perhaps that X1 Cafe Racer project I've been thinking about?

What it all comes down to is that the Sprint is a better bike in nearly every regard (except weight, lol), but I just haven't bonded with it yet.  Now, I know it's unreasonable to bond with a new bike in the week I've owned it, but that doesn't change where my head is at.  I'm sure some garage time and lots of miles will change that, but until then I'm just going to feel a little empty, I guess.  I suppose I should start planning for lots of both in the coming months.

Or maybe I should just tear up this guy's check and tell him I'm not coming.
5/8/2012 09:04:53 am


5/8/2012 09:07:32 am

Well all I can say is not a day goes by I don't miss my XB. Sorry I can't be a help on this one but if I had it to do over IDK I wouldn't have sold the XB. I like the CR well I love it but not as much as the XB. And hopefully the X1 I will eventuley own will bring me comfort as well.


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