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I must apologize for taking SO long to write up a recap on this event, but I have two good excuses:

1) Some of the photos used in this post I had to wait to get from Mike at MJRPhoto.net (be sure to check out his site for a lot more shots), and...

2) I'm lazy.

But, the good news is I'm here now and committed to letting everyone know just how great this event was.

Friday Night

Group Photo (courtesy of MJRPhoto.net)
Friday was the biggest day for folks getting into town.  Bobby and I met in Clifton Park and took the long way up, arriving in Lake George just before dinner time.  While checking into my motel, I saw Dave and the NJ crew rolling in with members from Long Island and the Hudson Valley as well.  We had a quick meet and greet in the parking lot of the Ft. William Henry where we hung up the banner, distributed t-shirts for those who bought them and checked out everyone's bikes.  This would turn out to be a rather small sampling of the number of people who would eventually show up.

Dinner at King Neptunes (photo courtesy of MJRPhoto.net)
After the little schmooze session, it was off to King Neptune's to hang out and get some food and beer, and we all had plenty of both.  We more or less took over the back patio, forcing quiet couples to find someplace else to be all cute and crap.  After the sun went down, and we were still waiting for our food, Dave decided things were a little chilly outside so he carefully constructed a pile of napkins next to his chair and lit them on fire.

While we were there, more and more people strolled in, some expected and some not - one of them being a friend I hadn't seen to spoken to in years whom I knew from working at Gil's Garage when we were in high school and college.  Small world.

Eventually, the last two to show up that night were Rich and Drew, the former being my roommate for the weekend.  They had a late start and refused to take the slab in - kudos to them.

At this point, I walked Bobby back to my room to get his gear which was locked inside.  He lived in Saratoga so wasn't staying over in the Village.  The bar had emptied out and it was just 5 of us left when I took off, and I considered just heading to bed in preparation for the next day, but I decided to go back and have one more beer before calling it a night.

Well, let's just say that Rich was able ensure the night ended with Irish car bombs.  We were a bit hurting the next morning!  Everyone else having left, he and I ended up closing the place that night.


Getting ready to ride (photo courtesy of MJRPhoto.net)
Today was about RIDING.  Well, first it was about breakfast with Drew and Rich at the Pancake house, but after that it was about RIDING.  I don't know where everyone came from, but we had a TON of bikes show up Saturday morning, including Hammer and Liz who are more or less Hudson Valley Buelling Royalty.  Everyone kind of walked around and got to know each other for a while and decided on which ride they wanted to do.  In an effort to avoid a massive parade session through the mountains, Dave and I encouraged people to form small groups and ride that way.  We ended up having two separate groups that did the Big Lake Loop (myself leading one, and Dave leading the other) with about 7 or 8 bikes in each.  A little more than I wanted to lead, but we were blessed with having good riders who were ok with doing some miles that day.  I think there were at least another 7 or 8 bikes that did some of the shorter rides, and more still who just decided to hang around town.  Mike and I estimated afterwards that we probably had around 25 bikes show up - not bad!

Our first gas stop in Ft. Ticonderoga
Everyone seemed to really enjoy the rides on Saturday, my group included, which was good news considering I hadn't pre-ridden any of the routes after making the route sheets.

Despite some slow moving cars and getting us a little lost, we had a great morning with picturesque scenery and fantastic roads.  The route took us through Keene Valley on our way to the summit of Whiteface Mountain, which is some of the prettiest roadside views in the entire Adirondack park.

Our ride group at a stop just before Whiteface. Not pictured is Drew who took off ahead to test out the range on his communicator, and Mike who took the photo (photo courtesy of MJRPhoto.net)
After a quick stop to pee, it was a short 13-mile ride to the summit.  I felt a little guilty that it was a $10 toll to get up to the top, but once there it was clear that it was worth it and the guys seemed to agree.  We actually had caught up to Dave's group here, but wouldn't see them until we were back in town that night.

I have a few good shots from Whiteface, so I'll just put a little gallery here for your viewing pleasure:
Riding down Whiteface (photo courtesy of MJRPhoto.net)
From here we took a quick ride down the mountain and into the next town for lunch at an A&W and a much-needed extended break, but not before Mike hung back to get this great shot of us heading down the mountain.

From here it was a lot of great scenery, slow drivers mixed in among some fantastic roads and a gas stop here and there.  The grand finale of the ride was hitting Rt 8 between Brant Lake and Lake George, and then also having a second shot at Rt 9N into the the village, which was ruined by a slow driver that morning.  Not so this time!

We made it back into town around dinner time after 280 miles or so.  Most of our larger group decided on dinner at the Adirondack Brew Pub, but a smaller group of us elected to get some Pizza at Capri instead and met up with them later.  Turns out this was a good decision as the food and service seemed to be sub-par at the Brew Pub.

But that wasn't going to ruin our day as there was beer to be drunk and crap to give away.  Dave had scored some "sponsorships" for this shindig and had a t-shirt, two gas cards, a battery tender and the banner to give away.

Back to Neptune's for a long-drawn out bullshit session and bragging about stories of awesome rides and fantastic crashes.  It was an earlier night than expected for all, but a fantastic time none-the-less.


Sunday was another morning started at the Pancake House, but we managed to have a much larger group this time.  After that we all hung out in the parking lot of the Ft. William Henry long enough to say goodbye and get people set up on good routes to head home.  Everyone had pretty much taken off by noon save for Rich, Drew and I.  We headed back to our room, packed the bikes up and I rode with the two of them through VT into Bennington since it was more or less on my way home, anyway.

Overall, I don't think we could have been happier with how this event turned out.  We had perfect weather, no squids, no wrecks, no tickets (but a close call!), or breakdowns.

I want to give special thanks to those from the Hudson Valley crew to planted the seed for this idea.  Thanks to Dave for doing so much of the legwork on getting the word out and supplying t-shirts, banners and bonfires.  Thank to Mike from MJRPhoto.net for taking time out of his ride to get some really great shots.  Last but not least, a big thanks to everyone who was able to make it and make this a really great time for everyone.

There seemed to be a strong sentiment to do this again next year, so stay tuned!

For now, I need to go scrape all of the bugs off the bike...
Joel Storm
5/24/2012 01:45:19 am

feels like i was there! iwould have loved to have joined you and even cleared my schedule for it , but i am resting my ankle in anticipation of june vacation to watertown and americade. hope to catch up with you there.

5/24/2012 01:48:07 am

Joel - too bad you couldn't make it. I was telling Angelo the route I did would be a great one for an all-day ride in June if we all feel up to it.

5/24/2012 05:34:09 am

Mark this could not have happened without your HELP and planning. We were blessed with the weather and lack of Squidly fellas!!! Dude I can't wait to do it again!!!!!!!


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